Healing Bees Natural Skincare

Includes 2 deep supers, 20 deep frames, screened bottom board, inner cover, and telescopic outer cover. 

Available beginning of April, depending on weather.  Includes 5 frames of bees, a laying Queen, 2 frames of brood, honey and pollen.  

Cedar Screened Bottom Board - dipped in beeswax - $55
Deep Supers - cedar, assembled, dipped in beeswax - $39
Medium Supers - cedar, assembled, dipped in beeswax - $36
Deep Wood Frames - assembled with plastic foundation - $3.90
Inner Cover - $18
Telescopic Top Cover - cedar, dipped in beeswax, with metal cover - $34
Garden Style Top Cover (sloped roof) - cedar, dipped in beeswax - $68
Metal Frame Rests (45 degree, 2 installed per super) - $2
Metal Queen Excluder – $13
Inner Feeder (frame feeder) - $11

Individual Hive Components

Screened Bottom Board
Western Red Cedar screened bottom board, assembled and dipped in beeswax.  Drawer is removable from the side so the hive can be placed against a wall, fence or hedge in tight places or for additional protection against the elements.

Supers are available in deep and medium sizes. The routed handles on the supers provide sharp edges on the top and sides allowing for a more secure grip. 

Wood frames are made of pine and assembled with Rite-Cell waxed plastic foundation.

Inner Cover
Cedar outer frame with ¼” plywood insert.  Notch provided for top entrance and ventilation.

Telescoping Top Cover
Made of cedar, dipped in beeswax and assembled with metal cover.

Garden Style Top Cover
Sloped roof cover, made of cedar, dipped in beeswax and assembled with metal cover.

Purchase both the starter hive kit and the NUC for a reduced combined price.

All taxes included, limited quantities available. 

Bee Hive Kits

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In addition to natural skincare, we also have handcrafted bee hive kits! Our goal is to provide beautiful, sturdy, and functional equipment to make it practical and appealing to keep bees in both urban and rural areas. These hives will promote local pollination as well as help produce nutritious honey in your own backyard.

Our Western Red Cedar honey bee hive  is designed and made in Burnaby, BC.  All components match the Langstroth standards and is also compatible with FlowHive.  All components are assembled and dipped in beeswax (not paraffin) that protects the equipment from the elements and is bee friendly.  

Starter Hive Kits


Local NUCs 2019

Individual Component prices


If you have any questions, would like to place an order, or are interested in carrying Healing Bees products in your store, please feel free to contact us!