Our Story

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Healing Bees Natural Skincare

It all started with our little orchard not producing fruit despite years of loving care and abundant blossoms in the spring.  They simply didn’t get pollinated.

This is when we started the adventures of beekeeping. Using natural beekeeping practices, we enable the bees to thrive, right here in urban Burnaby, BC.  In return the bees pollinate our trees and those in the neighbourhood, providing us with delicious honey and beeswax, and teach us to appreciate nature’s little wonders.

We then began using the gift of honey and beeswax to make natural skincare products for our little family. This way we knew for sure that the carefully chosen ingredients we used were truly beneficial to the health and well-being of our skin, without the use of chemicals or artificial fillers.

One thing led to another and our beekeeping adventure also became Healing Bees Natural Skincare! We're so proud and happy to share our small-batch, handcrafted products beyond just our family and friends. We hope everyone enjoys our natural honey and beeswax products as much as we do!

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