handmade gifts with natural soap, nourshing body lotion, scented candle, body butter and citrus hand sanitizer

Seasonal Gift pack

Healing Bees Natural Skincare
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What is in this gift pack:

Naturally scented candles that are fragrance free are very difficult to come by.  We have created these 100% beeswax candles with essential oils that not only clean the air but smell wonderful.  Our 3.5oz candles burn for 22-23hrs!  

Nourishing Body Lotion, made with Coconut and Shea butters combined with Aloe Vera; this non-greasy lotion will absorb quickly and nourish your skin, leaving it feel silky and smooth.

Body Butter made with all the goodness to nourish and replenish your skin.  Best for very dry skin like the elbows, heels and dry hands.  The nourishing oils combined with beeswax replenish your skin, heal your skin and lock in moisture.

In our hand sanitizer, the Aloe Vera and Glycerin will protect your hand from drying out and the orange/lemon essential oil will leave a wonderful refreshing smell on your hands.  Meets Health Canada standards, registration number NPN# 80099936.  Final alcohol concentration is 73% (v/v)

Bar Soap is one our best sellers this time of the year!  Made with Olive oil & Coconut, Shea Butter Canola oil, Castor oil, Beeswax, and Essential oils. This soap can be used on all skin types and is 100% natural. This beautiful hard bar of soap makes lots of bubbles but mild enough for sensitive skin types.