Guide for inserting Bee packages

This is a guide for inserting 1.5 kg bee packages into 10 frame deep hive equipment.  Follow same principles for different size packages and hive equipment

1. Set up one 10-frame deep brood box as the hive. 

2. Place the ventilated package box into the brood box.  Place 5 deep frames next to it (4 deep frames and a frame feeder works too).  If possible, it is preferred to have at least some frames with drawn comb.

3. Remove the travel feed container (white round jar) from the ventilated package box and place in front of it inside the brood box.

4. Take the queen cage and remove the candy plug, so the bees could release the queen.

5. Place the queen cage on the first frame next to the ventilated package box.

6. Apply sugar syrup feed and close the hive.

7. Return in 24-48 hrs. You will find that most of the bees have crawled out of the ventilated package box and onto the frames.

8. Remove the travel feed container and the ventilate package box from the brood box.  

8. Inspect the queen cage to ensure queen has been released.  If not released, open the queen cage and release the queen into the hive.  You may also decide to find the queen on one of the frames.

9. Place 5 more deep frames into the brood box.

10. Apply sugar syrup and pollen patty.  Cover the hive

11. Queen will start laying eggs within the next 2 days.  Keep applying sugar syrup feed and pollen patty as needed.

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