Hope through soap!


A Beautiful Story of Hope!

A wonderful young women came to pick-up her order last week and told us her story.  A year ago she was homeless living in her car and received a small donation package that was put together by kids in our children's school.  She received one of our soaps as part of that package.  She hung onto the label and made a promise, if she can get back on her feet again, she will find where this soap came from and get more in order to give some to others.  Needless to say our eyes were filled with tears and our hearts with joy upon hearing this.  She is now working and able to do what she promised a year ago.  We asked her to come back on the 24th of Dec and if she would pass on more of our gifts to people in need.  She did and below you can find our letters.


Dec 24, 2020

Dear Lookout Shelter

We have the pleasure to donate these small gift packages to brighten your holidays.  We donated as part of a school outreach last year.  We are a family who makes handmade natural skincare products and use our own honey in it.  We keep bees at our house in Burnaby. 

27 years ago we were refugees and arrived in Canada with nothing in our pockets.  We had to flee eastern Europe where we were in the midst of the Balkan war, discriminated against and in a lot of unrest.   Coming to Canada offered us a new start but it was very hard to get back on our feet.  We had a few kind people help us along the way and now we would like to do the same.

We are hoping these little gifts that were made with lots of care and love will bring the message of hope and give you a few minutes of luxury. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!  Never lose hope, you can start again and the new year will bring good things!

 The Healing Bees Family

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