What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are highly concentrated non-water soluble phytochemicals that are distilled from different parts of plants. They can be distilled from leaves, roots, flowers and other parts of plants and are very potent because of their concentration of phytochemicals.

Herbs and plants have been used for thousands of years and modern society has lost some of the wisdom of past generations and the ability to address illness with these natural solutions.

Essential oils have gained incredible popularity in recent years, but they are really an age-old remedy that have become popular.

Fragrances are a mystery concoction of undisclosed synthetic chemicals that can have harmful effects on our health.  Fragrances are many times petroleum based.  Many people react to fragrances in a negative way. 

At Healing Bees all of our products are fragrance free.  We even make household cleaner and scented candles that are fragrance free.  Check out our website for a great collection of Pure Therapeutic grade essential oils for your diffuser.


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