hyaluronic acid 2% serum made with 100% natural ingredients and multiple chain length HA in order to best hydrate your skin and smooth out wrinkles.  made with glycerin and lavender water for extra nourishment

Hyaluronic Acid Serum, 2%

Healing Bees Natural Skincare
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This light but highly moisturizing serum will hydrate your skin instantly and leave you refreshed with its light lavender scent.  Our Hyaluronic Serum, a 2% solution,  contains long, medium and short-chain hyaluronic molecules that intensely hydrates all layers of skin.  It plumps up the skin and smooths fine lines and wrinkles.

In addition to its anti-aging properties it has success in eczema treatment.  It moisturizes the skin without any irritation.  

Directions of Use: 

1. Apply to clean damp skin after using  Healing Bees Clarifying Toner morning & night.
2. Can be used under makeup.

Ingredients: Lavender Flower Water, Water, Glycerin, Vitamin B5, Hyaluronic Acid (long, medium and short-chain HA molecules), Lactobacillus, Coconut Fruit Extract, Lactobacillus Ferment as natural preservatives.

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